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StrongMocha 14 days later: impressive statistics

StrongMocha > StrongMocha > StrongMocha 14 days later: impressive statistics

I’m simply amazed by the good feedback and the number of hits/visitors StrongMocha got. Some of the traffic is visible to you as well when you look at the GeoVisitor information that are available.Traffic Split in the first two weeks

Given that this site is 14 days old the traffic pattern for the first days sounds right to me. Currently StrongMocha get’s more Referring traffic as people read about it then having it on their daily site to browse. Currently StrongMocha got 65% Referring and 35% Direct visitor. In the first half of August StrongMocha did have 1930 visitors (Aug, 1st – Aug, 15th) which was much more then I did expect given that there was no campaign or such to promote StrongMocha.

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