News from Creative Cow and a new tutorial for After Effects. At the end of the article “The Internet Killed the Video Star.” you find a link to download the Chapter One for free. Aharon DVD covers 4 subjects – Video Compression, Creating and working with Flash Video, Formatting and Distributing Video Podcasts, and how I make my tutorials.

“Creative COW’s Aharon Rabinowitz has completed a new DVD for the Creative COW Master Series, about every aspect of preparing your video for the web. We at The Cow are very excited about it, so we asked Aharon to tell you about it. We’ve also included some of the trailers Aharon created in his inimitable style — great information presented with humor and high energy. Read on for a link to Chapter 1 of “The Internet Killed the Video Star.”

One thought on “Internet Killed the Video Star!”

  1. This DVD is incredible. It explained everything I needed to know to get my organization up podcasting. Aharon’s knowledge of video and unique and easy presentation style really helped me get my first podcast out of my head and onto the screen. If you want to get into video podcasting, this is THE resource you need to do it.

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