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Thursday, 30 August 2007 StrongMocha 1

I did start some recent test with Digg and trying right now to make the digg effect happen) to stress test my web side. If you could be so nice and digg the following article New VFX & DFX movie: Dragon Wars (D-War)

There is a “Share This” button you can press at the end of the article, after you pressed it select “Digg” and Digg the new “New VFX & DFX movie: Dragon Wars (D-War)

The VFX are looking impressive and very well done. I did not watch the movie itself so can’t say much about the story beside the synopsis below.

Read the rest of the full Dragon Wars (D-War) article here. Don’t forget to DIGG it to be part of the Digg Effect.

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  1. Wow wie immer ein informativer Beitrag. Wenn doch nur alle Blogs so qualtitativ hochwertig wären. Ich habe auch einen Blog über kleinere Simulationen, könntest Du mir dazu auch Feedback geben? Meine Simulation. Vielen Dank im Voraus! MFG

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