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StrongMocha Weekend Delight – Sep, 8th 2007

StrongMocha > Digital Photography > StrongMocha Weekend Delight – Sep, 8th 2007

Resize your Photo smarter:

  • Content Aware Image Resizing Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Resizing – SIGGRAPH 2007 (Shai Avidan, Ariel Shamir)
  • Video on the Content Aware Image Resizing. Siggraph 2007 presentation of an all new way to automatically resize images tracing ‘seams’ with the least amount of energy.
  • If you look for some inspiration to better retouch your Images euphoria is the good site. Start with the portfolio which shows before and after samples.

Photo sites worth a visit:

Video’s for the weekend:

Want to discuss a movie with your colleagues or friends but have no time to see it? The DNA of an Movie helps which distilling a whole film down to one single image.

Today’s stats show that our visitors are mainly from the United States (as expected) and Europe. A surprise was that China is on position 10 on the Top 10

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  1. Flag of United States United States
  2. Flag of Germany Germany
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  4. Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
  5. Flag of Sweden Sweden
  6. Flag of France France
  7. Flag of Japan Japan
  8. Flag of Netherlands Netherlands
  9. Flag of Australia Australia
  10. Flag of China China

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