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Monday, 10 September 2007 Adobe After Effects compositing Tutorials 4

Andrew Kramer at did release another great After Effects Tutorial .

Video Copolit 3D depth from Images

This time is is about on how you can create 3D depth from still Images in after effects.In this tutorial you’ll learn a simple way to turn 2D photos into a 3D layers.

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  1. gfxreader says:

    Another Masterpiece from Andrew as you rightly said on his blog.

  2. Jeff Ryan says:

    This Tutorial is helping me a lot. I was just discussing this method with a colleague today and by chance I have found a great way to learn how to do it.

  3. Thorsten Meyer says:

    Once again, Andrew Kramer did deliver a great Tutorial. Make sure you help him to help you by ordering his great products which you find on

  4. Joe says:

    that looks good to me!

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