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Looking for a new LCD with a large colour gamut? Possible answer: Dell UtraSharp 3008WFP

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Dell UltraSharp  3008WFPIf you like me looking for a new LCD that can display pictures like they are, videos like they have been recorded (aka large colour gamut) and all that on a big screen (resolution)?

The wait could be over with the release of the Dell UtraSharp 3008WFP monitor.

Most review and comments that I did read are excited about the connections, to be honest that is nice, but for people in the Photographic, Video, GFX, VFX, DFX, or Design business the size matters, however the colour gamut matters a little bit more.

This new monitor claims to display 117% of the NTSC color gamut (Interesting enough Dell say 100% on their web site). Ok the resolution of 2560×1600 is great as well… To be able to use the maximum resolution of 2560×1600 your graphic card needs to be able to support dual-link DVI, if your card needs a upgrade you could only use 1920×1200.

Check out some first Dell UtraSharp 3008WFP reviews that are available

„In terms of color gamut performance the 3008’s 117% color gamut capable screen offered slightly more accurate color reproduction and gradient response, but it wasn’t earth-shattering by any stretch, at least from our perspective. In fact, we can’t even reproduce an image here on this page to convey the difference because web browsers inherently are limited to the sRGB color spectrum, which is a subset of what the 3008WFP is capable of. ” (Hothardware)

„Dell also states that unlike its previous 30-inch model, the 3008WFP has a 117 percent color gamut and supports the Adobe 98 color standard. Translation: It should satisfy those who work with color professionally, such as photographers and graphic designers. Other specs include 3,000-to-1 dynamic contrast ratio, a brightness of 370 candelas per square meter, an 8-millisecond (ms) gray-to-gray response time, and a pixel pitch of 0.25mm.” (Computershopper)

„Dell has also built in its TrueColor technology, pumping out a 117% color gamut that makes the other monitors we had sitting next to it look like they were nearly black and white. Yes, these colors are almost infinitely adjustable, too, so artists and even the keenest eyes won’t be disappointed..” (Gizmodo)

„The Dell 3008WFP offers a desirable collection of features, though it ranks last in a group of high performers. To date, it’s also the most expensive 30-inch display. Its DisplayPort connection offers a glimpse of what monitor ports we may be using in the future. But for the present, which DVI- and VGA-enabled PCs dominate, other monitors, such as Samsung’s 30-inch 305T ($1179), offer better performance and value.” (PCWorld)

„The 3008WFP is built on an S-IPS panel and uses a WCCFL backlight, claiming to be able to show 117 percent of the NTSC colour gamut, theoretically allowing for greater distinction between colour tones and providing better colour accuracy. Colour calibration should also be made a little easier thanks to the sRGB and Adobe RGB presets included. The PC/Mac Gamma and RGB/YPbPr input modes make a return from the previous model, however this monitor has a few new tricks up its sleeve.” (Cnet)

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