Sony 35mm Full Size CMOS Sensor

One Pixel, more pixels and even more pixels. Sony did announce a new 35mm full size CMOS sensor with 24.81 million effective pixels. The new CMOS image sensor is designed to meet the increasing requirement for rapid image capture and advanced picture quality within (professional) digital SLR cameras.

From the press announcement:

  1. High picture quality in 35mm full size image sensor with 24.81M effective pixels
  2. “Column-Parallel A/D Conversion method” achieves high S/N and high-speed imaging
    CDS/PGA(24dB)Circuit (PGA: Programmable Gain Amplifier)
    12bit-AD Converter on chip
    Diversified readout mode
    All-pixel scan mode 6.3 frame/s (12bit)
    Window readout
  3. High-speed digital output (12 channel parallel LVDS output)

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