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Month: February 2008

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After Effects Video Tutorial: “The Healer” @ videcopilot.net

Andrew, Happy 60th Tutorial! Andrew Kramer did release his 60th Video Tutorial Sam got seriously damaged this time. In this tutorial you learn how to apply a “fake” wound to a person in this case Sam (using After Effect) and slowly heal the wound. To keep videocopilot rocking purchase some of their powerful DVDs from […]

TiltViewer 1.3 Update

TiltViewer from Airtight is a free, customizable 3D Flash image viewing application. There is also a pro version TiltViewer-Pro which you can purchase to be able to use more features. TiltViewer does support either Flickr Galleries or XML Galleries. PhotoMocha has a great TiltViewer Example: India 2007 Photos  (TiltViewer Pro @ PhotoMocha) What is new […]

Mystifying the Concept of Super-Delegates (by CBS)

Did you wonder how super delegates work, what they do and who say are? This short Super-Delegates clip has aired In “CBS Evening News with Katie Couric”. The clip does explain how he delegate voting system works. I did take away that it may take the decision out if the hand of the US voters […]

The Bullet Advanced Training DVD (slow motion bullet teaser) @ video copilot (updated)

Andrew did release a teaser from the new advanced After Effects training DVD he has been working on in the past weeks/months. With the new Advanced Training DVD you will  learn how to do a slow motion bullet shot and much more. [MEDIA=14] Remember videocopilot.net is made possible by you and other dedicated customers who […]

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