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GrafiLiteViewing printed images and photos in your office, at home or anywhere else can come with undesirable surprises. Depending on the time of day, if it is sunny or raining cats and dogs, you windows is facing north, south, west or east, you indoor light is cold or warm, it is cloudy outside or not, it is winter or summer, your office lightning is blueish or yellowish. Every time you look at the same picture in a different environment the image will look different. Even when you think you have the perfect image that you printed late last night when you wake up next morning the picture looks like it has a green cast and does differ from last night and you need to redo it all again.

Depending on the light you have available colors will look differently, white will be not white as the white of our paper will be different. To make your photographer live even more complicated some paper do re-emit the absorbed UV light as blue light, some paper are shipped with a color cast already and the white of the paper is not really white.

The light temperature around you which you consider to be a warm color tone or a cold color tone can be measured.

Here some examples on which light temperature you use to decide if your prints are all right or need to be reprinted.

  • A low color temperature (you may think of it as a warm color) would be around 2800K, like a yellowish light bulb
  • Day light facing north, a cloudy sky might be close to 6000K, but your window may face south and it is sunny outside
  • Light with no direct sun light with a clear sky is around 10000K

Daylight (5000°k or D50) is the industry standard for viewing prints.

If you are happy with you current prints and you think they are perfect I would recommend to leave it that way and stop reading now and be happy.

For the ones that are unhappy or have a very good sense for color your only choice beside a fully calibrated system and using color management every time you work with images is to buy a proof lamp which did become available at a very Inexpensive price.

GrafiLite side viewColour Confidence GrafiLite features:

  • Specially formulated natural lighting – see details clearly and assess colour differences accurately
  • Powerful and portable with space-saving design
  • Neutral, mid-grey viewing unit and mat for unbiased viewing
  • Optimum 2000 Lux illumination brightness
  • Energy efficient natural light simulation tube

GrafiLite is available direct from Colour Confidence priced around 97 Euro inc. VAT (always check latest pricing in the shop). For more information on GrafiLite, please visit their website.


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