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India 2007 Photos on PhotoMocha using TiltViewer

TiltViewer from Airtight is a free, customizable 3D Flash image viewing application. There is also a pro version TiltViewer-Pro which you can purchase to be able to use more features. TiltViewer does support either Flickr Galleries or XML Galleries.

PhotoMocha has a great TiltViewer Example:

What is new in TiltViewer Version 1.3?

  • Added free downloadable version
  • Added next/back paging navigation option
  • Support disabling of flip button globally or per image
  • Support removing link button per image
  • Added internationalization support for all text
  • Fixed key navigation to empty images
  • Drop out frames if image count < page size or if image URL doesn’t exist
  • Fixed fullscreen menu option after escaping fullscreen mode
  • Updated Away3D engine version for increased performance
  • Fixed ‘Where is the debugger…’ prompt for some player versions
  • Allow loading into another Flash movie (PRO)
  • Added transparent background option (PRO)
  • Added link ‘_target’ support (PRO)
  • Added frame width option (PRO)
  • Added flip button and navigation button color options (PRO)
  • Removed preloader text (PRO)
  • Added option to disable ‘Go Fullscreen’ menu item (PRO)
  • Removed default flickr search (PRO)

TiltViewer is based on PaperVision3D.

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