Twitch – a “must have” After Effects Plug-in

Twitch Plugin from VideoCopilot is releasing on March, 10th the long awaited Twitch a Plug-in for After Effects which allows you to create stylistic video effects for motion graphics and visual effects. Watch the Twitch Introduction on

Twitch features:

  • 6 Built-in Operators
  • 7 Video Tutorials
  • 10 Free Twitch Sound Effects
  • 25 Effects Presets

Twitch Control

Twitch Operator, allows you to control the effect you desire.

  • Blur Operator:The blur function contains some of the most advanced features including a threshold slider, transfer modes, and aspect control.
  • Color Operator:One of the most fun and useful functions allows you to colorize your twitches as well as randomize color for exciting situations.
  • Light Operator:Similar to an exposure function, this operator allows you to choose from adding brightness or darkness to your Twitches or even both.
  • Scale Operator:With built in Motion Blur and random anchor selection the Scale operator will give you endless possibilities.
  • Slide Operator:One of the most fun to use, the Slide operator has many controls over slide, motion blur, tendency and the advanced RGB Split.
  • Time Operator:You can even randomly offset footage forward or backwards with this handy operator control.

Twitch Plug-in is compatible with 7.0 (windows and mac), CS3 (Windows and mac) and Premiere Pro CS3 (Windows and mac). Some Twitch features are not supported with Premiere Pro CS3.

Twitch is available as a download version, buy Twitch here.

Twitch from Videocopilot is a awesome After Effects plug-in. StrongMocha highly recommends this great plug-in.

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Adobe After Effects CS3 Professional – Upgrade

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