Nihon Uni company shirt resist stabbing, but you are not superhero

stab proof T-shirt

“Ahem”, Who would really needs this?

“The Nihon Uni company used slightly thick fibers that are more than three times as strong as cotton for the T-shirt. However, the product does not look like typical protective clothing.

The strength of the T-shirt made from ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber is equal to that of aramid fiber used in body armor. But the T-shirt is machine-washable because it is lightweight.

The T-shirt provides superior protection from slashing attacks, but its mesh fabric can be punctured by a sharp point.

The products will go on sale in June through distributors.”

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  1. On the 24 of may 2008 I ordered a longsleeved sweater from the company in Japan. It was quite expensive. It cost about $300, include shipping to Norway. I payed via PayPal.

    Their home page is

    I used to translate the page, and I sent an email to and they answered me in english.
    I got an answer on email from Tetsuya Yoneda ( and he took my order.

    On the 3 of june 2008 I received the cut-resistant sweater, included a few sample textiles, included a CD with information.
    The sweaters arms was a bit to short for me, but it felt nice and cool(in temperature) on my body, and was light enough. I was a little bit thicker than a normal T-shirt.

    I am sorry to say that I am really disappointed about the product. I tried to cut the sample textiles with a scissor, and it cut right through it. I layed the sample textile on a table and cut right trough it with an medium sharp kitchenknife(the kind one uses to cut slices of bread). It was a little bit tougher than an ordinary cloth, but not much.

    I dont recommend the product at all, at least not for protection.

    By the way, the picture on this page is not what the sweater looks like. It looks like a normal sweater, and you cant really see the difference between the sweater from Nihon-Uni and any other normal sweater.

    S. From Norway.

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