Imagineer Systems mogul: solving problems vfx professionals face

Tuesday, 15 April 2008 mogul mogul/browse mogul/master mogul/review mogul/serve vfx 0

mogul architecture overview

Imagineer Systems has announced their latest upcoming solution Imagineer Systems mogul for the visual effect professionals. Imagineer Systems mogul may help VFX professionals to focused and reduce time spend on non-creative task such as managing media data, working with non-integrated tools, reviewing the daily grind and much more. The latest solution from Imagineer Systems is aiming as well to improve the communication within the creative team to allow them to stay focused on the job.

You can watch their solution focused video to learn more about Imagineer Systems mogul or browse through in information available on the Imagineer Systems mogul web site.

  • Imagineer Systems mogul “budgets are shrinking while the need for larger teams of in-house and freelance artists to meet demands for faster delivery is growing. more people to do more work, while staying creative on deadline and under budget. but with the tools on-hand, that has become mission impossible.”
  • Imagineer Systems mogul/master “Key to mogul/master is the seamless integration between the editing, compositing, desktop and grading tools.”
  • Imagineer Systems mogul/serve “mogul/serve helps you organize, make accessible and archive all your digital assets, whether image sequences, audio file, project files, spreadsheet etc.”
  • Imagineer Systems mogul/browse “mogul/browse technology is of course integrated into all the other mogul tools, giving you direct access to mogul/serve from within the tool.”
  • Imagineer Systems mogul/review “mogul/review is a cost effective solution to your playback and quality control needs, whether used standalone or in conjunction with mogul/serve.”


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