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Wednesday, 14 May 2008 Adobe After Effects plugin Tutorials video tutorial 1

Jerzy Drozda Jr (aka Maltaannon) did release new After Effects Tutorials to help you to master After Effects CS3 even better.

  • HS: Bad chroma key “Even at this small thumbnail image you can see how poor the quality of the footage is. How do you key out something as nasty as this? Watch the tutorial to find out.”
  • High Pass and Coloring “If you’ve worked with High Pass filter before than you already know how amazing this tool is for sharpening, color grading, masking and many many others. I’ve seen many threads on many forums where people where asking how to move this wonderful Photoshop filter into After Effects, because it doesn’t come with one. Since I was also in need to use it several times in my video productions I decided to look into how it works and build one myself”
  • Text Ramp “Ramp TextThis quick tip will show you how to apply a Ramp effect to Text Layers while avoiding common problems that appear when doing so.”
  • Flashlight Titles “Trapcode Lux, Shine, Starglow, and my CE PixelSampler. See what you can do with this amazing combo and learn to create this cool title sequence.”


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