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Tuesday, 20 May 2008 3ds Max Adobe After Effects blender Cinema 4D compositing video tutorial 1

Andrew Kramer did release the long awaited “The Bullet” training.  Before you read on buy The Bullet right now.

This new DVD will take you from your favorite 3D program to After Effects and back, including compositing multi-pass renders and importing camera data.

The Bullet” training is designed to show you how to create large-scale visual effects in an organized and powerful work flow.

What do you learn about After Effects:

  • Creating elements from scratch
  • Working between AE and 3D, integrating camera data
  • Multi-Pass exporting and compositing
  • Advanced color correction techniques
  • File management and work flow tips such as pre-comp proxies
  • Displacement effects and other creative uses for common plug-ins

The Bullet (videocopilot)

What do you learn about 3D Software:

  • Model a realistic bullet and shell casing
  • Texturing and lighting with reflections
  • Animation with Null objects and groups
  • How to render multiple elements for compositing

The Bullet (videocopilot)The Bullet Video Training:
Over 5 Hours. If you continue with a single 3D program training time is about 3 hours.

01. Introduction / Organize
02. Preparing Footage and building 3D Scenery
03. Building Assets: 3D Muzzle Flash & Smoke
04. Building Assets: Perspective Slide Action
05. Work-Flow Tips & Building Proxies
06. Compositing the Elements
07. Final Compositing
08. Finishing Touches & Advanced Color

Andrew Kramer sells “The Bullet” for $49.95 available on a DVD or through download.

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