Trapcode Horizon released (After Effects Plugin)

Thursday, 29 May 2008 Adobe After Effects plugin trapcode Tutorials video tutorial 3

Trapcode Horizon

Trapcode Horizon is a camera-aware color gradient and image mapping tool. It is a fairly straightforward utility plug-in. It is meant to be used on the bottom layer in a 3D comp. It generates a background that corresponds to the camera’s viewing direction.

To get yourself started with the Trapcode Horizon Tutorial

Trapcode Horizon can be used for example when a 3D camera move leaves the viewer confused; Trapcode Horizon can help generating a background that corresponds to the camera move and thus help the viewer understand what is actually going on. Or it can be used just for fun!

Trapcode Horizon is a great companion to the other 3D plugs from Trapcode, such as Particular and Form etc.

Supported Hosts: Adobe After Effects 7.0 and higher (Mac OSX/Windows)

Earlier news: Trapcode Horizon – After Effects plugin (updated)

Trapcode Horizon costs currently 99 USD: Buy Trapcode



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  1. R-max says:

    COOL !!!
    How can i create HDRI image ???

  2. I would recommend you to start working with already made images to get used to it.
    A great book (I own the German version) is this one:
    In this book Christian Bloch describes how to produce HDRI Images.

    The book covers:

    * Understanding the foundation of HDRI
    * Tools for a High Dynamic Range Workflow
    * How to capture HDR images: now and tomorrow
    * Tone mapping for creating superior prints
    * Image processing and compositing
    * All 4 ways to shoot panoramic HDRIs
    * Image based lighting and CG rendering
    * World premiere of the Smart Dynamic Range toolkit
    * Creative uses and unconventional applications

    Free HDRI:

  3. Lue Wente says:

    I’m glad I know what im looking for. It gets quite boring staring at this screen all day but, I found your view very informative. Might I ask what other Discreet products you use or plan to use?

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