3 new After Effects Training DVDs (Advanced Rotoscoping, AE The Next Level and Motion Design)

Wednesday, 18 June 2008 Adobe After Effects compositing dfx Digital F/X Illustrator rotoscoping Tutorials vfx video tutorial Visual F/X 1

3 newest DVDs in the Creative Cow Master

Creative Cow together with Aharon Rabinowitz, Pete O’Connell and Eran Stern has released three new After Effects Video Tutorials.

1. Advanced Rotoscoping Techniques for Adobe After Effects by Pete O’Connell
2. After Effects: The Next Level, vol, 2: CS 3 Tips and Techniques by Aharon Rabinowitz
3. Motion Design with Adobe After Effects by Eran Stern

Film compositor Pete O’Connell shows you the secrets of advanced rotoscoping that will save you hours, even days, on your toughest jobs. Eran Stern has quickly become one of the Cow’s most popular authors; here he presents tutorials for real-world motion graphics that you can start using right away. And Aharon Rabinowitz, one of the world’s true AE masters, leads you through AE CS3


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