3dbuzz releases 12 hours Houdini 9 Video Tutorial

Saturday, 21 June 2008 Houdini Tutorials video tutorial 1

Houdini 9 Elevator Asset Videos

Did you recently install the Houdini 9.5 beta version, browsed through the Houdini forum and now look for an great introduction video tutorial, maybe a little bit beyond the usual Interface overview? 3D BUZZ has released what you are have been looking for. In the new Houdini 9 video series at 3D Buzz you learn how you can create an elevator that comes with   procedural control and behavior automation.

The asset itself was created by Tomas Slancik as an entry in one of the  Asset Creation Contests over at 3D Buzz.

In all, the Houdini video tutorials are nearly TWELVE hours of video, and it’s all available completely for free over at 3D Buzz

3D BUZZ did release back in May a great Houdini Technical Effects DVD that you may want to take a look at as well.


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