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XSI Release 6

Mario Prang the key person behind Slash did release his second XSI Training DVD (more then 4 hours of XSI training). This time Mario show you how to use Rigid & Soft Bodies in XSI. The training which is in German provides you with an excellent overview on Rigid Bodies, Rigid Constraints and Soft Bodies. Slash is a certified Softimage Training Center who offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses for companies or individuals.

Rigid & Soft Bodies training DVD overview:

Rigid Bodies

  • Rigid Body basic
  • Collision Type
  • Initial State
  • Active Passive Switch
  • Rigid Body Notes
  • Environment Caching
  • Force Controller
  • Glas with ice cubes
  • Ghosting

Rigid Constraints

  • Hinge
  • Ball & Socket
  • Spring
  • Slider
  • Fixed
  • Motor
  • Rag doll Constraints 1
  • Rag doll Constraints 2
  • Car Constraints 1
  • Car Constraints 2

Soft Body

  • Soft Body basic
  • Soft Body animation
  • Soft Body Settings
  • Plasticity
  • Soft & Rigid Bodies
  • Basketball 1
  • Basketball 2
  • Basketball 3 Gator

This second Training DVD Mario released is a follow-up release to his successful XSI Character Design Training DVD (6 DVDs and more then 10 Hours of XSI training)) which was released earlier this year. The XSI Character Design Training DVD is recorded in German.

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