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Blur Studio’s best 3ds Max and XSI plugins and tools

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BlurBeta Tools

BlurBeta Tools (Version 3.01) is available. Blur Studio did include in the tool set a lot of the tools that Blur uses in production, now available for you. Blur Studio has a quick description list for BlurBeta Tools.  Blur Studio worked on Tabula Rasa, MX vs. ATV Untamed Transformers: The Game, Empire Earth IIIA Gentleman’s Duel TeaserThe Simpsons Trailer, Warhammer Fantasy, NFL on FOX, Harry Potter Phoenix Spots and many more projects. Take a look at Blur’s Animation reel

BlurBeta Tools includes helpfull tools and plugins for 3ds max and XSI


  • Max Main Tools
  • Max Modeling Tools
  • Max Animation Tools
  • Max Camera Tools
  • Max Rigging Tools
  • Max Utilities Tools


  • XSI Main Tools
  • XSI Rigging Tools
  • XSI Animation Tools
  • XSI Camera Tools
  • XSI Modeling Tools
  • XSI Selection Filters
  • XSI Utility Tools
  • XSI UI Tools

You can download Blur Studio’s OpenSource Tools directly from Blur’s web site:

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