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Imagineer mokey, monet, mocha, motor or mocha-AE tutorial contest

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imagineer systems is sponsoring a video screen recording tutorial contest. Participants may submit a video screen recording of any of Imagineer Systems products and the winning participant will receive a full suite of all of Imagineer’s programs!

User must have the rights to use the content of the footage they are using. Video can feature any of the following software applications: mokey, monet, mocha, motor or mocha-AE

Any number of topics can be covered and the more unique the tutorial, the better chances of winning! Some sample ideas for tutorial topics:

  1. rotoscoping organic objects with motor
  2. logo replacement with monet
  3. using clean plates in mokey
  4. tracking null layers in After Effects using mocha-AE

Videos must be send to Imagineer no later than August 31th, 2008.

All rules and guidelines can be found here: video screen recording tutorial contest

MokeyMokey/images/Imagineer Systems/small product images/MotorLogo.gif/images/Imagineer Systems/small product images/MochaLogo.png/images/Imagineer Systems/small product images/MochaAELogo.png

One thought on “Imagineer mokey, monet, mocha, motor or mocha-AE tutorial contest”

  1. It would be fun to see what the participants have come up.. If I could buy some spare time this week or next, I will try make a tutorial as an official entry for this contest. I have heard about the contest but I never really got around into finally making that tutorial since we have been quite busy with roto lately… I hope the load gets a bit lighter this week or next… 🙂

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