UK from above for BBC by 422

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BBC Britain seen from the skies above

Quote from 422’s “Britain From Above” web page:

422 create Unique time-lapse views of British life using real GPS data for major new BBC series presented by Andrew Marr. 422 has created ground breaking CGI sequences revealing never seen before patterns of life in modern Britain. Starting with GPS data mapping the movements of London taxi cabs, commercial aircraft, Channel shipping, refuse trucks and schoolchildren, 422 MD and senior programmer Craig Howarth translated lists of raw numeric co-ordinates sampled at regular time intervals, into coherent animated paths. 422’s VFX team, led by Art Director Dave Corfield and VFX supervisor Andy Howell visualised the resulting paths in Maya and composited them with satellite imagery of the UK using Shake. The result is simultaneously beautiful, surprising and informative. “Click either of the images to take a look 422’s at web site and watch their reel.

BBC Britain seen from the skies above


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