3D text Photoshop plug-in Swift3D PS released by Electric Rain

Friday, 6 March 2009 flash Photoshop CS3 Extended Photoshop CS4 plugin 2

Swift 3D PS

Swift 3D PS is Electric Rain new plug-in for Photoshop CS4 Extended (32bit only, no 64bit support). It accomplishes simple 3D tasks in seconds with remarkable results and places  3D text, extrusions or models back into Photoshop as 3D layers for further manipulation with their tool set and filters.

The only draw back that I can see is that it does not install and seem not to work with my PhotoShop CS4 Extended, when I installed it it did install into the plug-in folder of my (not used) PhotoShop CS4 Ext 32bit application. Linking in the 32bit plugin folder or copying the filter from the 32bit version to the 64bit version did not help.

  • Create, bevel and extrude 3D text from any font in seconds
  • Quickly create extrusions and 3D lathe objects with a Bézier pen tool
  • Extend Photoshop’s workflow with After Effects CS4 Live 3D view
  • Import, extrude and bevel existing 2D vector artwork from Illustrator or Flash
  • Simplify 3D scene creation with targeted cameras & lighting

“Swift 3D is already very well known in the Flash community and we’re excited to see it introduced as a plug-in to Photoshop CS4 Extended,” commented John Nack, Principal Product Manager for Photoshop & Bridge at Adobe Systems.

Electric Rain Swift 3D PS is available  for $149.00 USD.


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  1. Great interview! The Canon 5D Mark II takes some great video I’m thinking about picking up one myself.

  2. Hi all, we found this here after a fast google search. Neat blog you got here! Keep it up!

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