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nVeil from Storek Studio is a Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express plugin which in a unparallel way allows you to change your footage into a new piece of art. nVeil  transmits your footage based on their colors and movement as you can see in the video below.

More about nVeil in our nVeil – Interview with Rich Storek

[media id=32 width=700 height=450]

To learn more about nVeil you should take a look at the available nVeil tutorials, which we recommend as they give a good overview on what the plug can do for you.

nVeil contains 60 veils (presets) and there should be more free  filter presets also called “veils” each month.

nVeil takes you source footage and based on the Veil selected transforms it as shown in the examples below.

nVeil example

Currently (as of June 2009) nVeil offers a introductory price of $99, a trial version is available allowing you to take your hands on this fine Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express plugin.

nVeil does not run on Windows today and we hope that Storek Studio considers to develop a Windows version for After Effects at a later stage.

(Update): See also our nVeil – Interview with Rich Storek

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