ToonIt (an After Effects Plugin) Video Tutorial

Thursday, 25 June 2009 Adobe After Effects plugin rotoscoping Tutorials video tutorial 2

Sean Safreed, Director of Products and Co-founder of  Red Giant Software shows you how to create with ToonIt a custom cartoon style and compares ToonIt to the bundled cartoon effect inside After Effects CS4.

Red Giant ToonIt uses unique Toonamation algorithms to transform your image into captivating cartoon shading. ToonIt eliminates time-consuming techniques such as rotoscoping and hand painting, and lends precise control over styles, shading and outlines. Red Giant TV did also publish a Video Tutorial hosted by Aharon Rabinowitz: Creating a Watercolor Painting Look in which Aharon turn your video into an animated watercolor painting.

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  1. Erwin Mueller says:

    Thank you for sharing, I was thinking about buying Particular 2 now for some time. I bought it 5 min ago

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