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Fix GridIron Flow installation issue (Vista 64bit)

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GridIron Flow Vista 64x fix

If you run like myself Windows Vista 64 bit then you may run into the same issue after you installed FLOW on your PC. Every time you reboot Flow finishes the installation and want to restart and then finishes the installation and want to restart ….. You get the point and may saw it as well.

This method is  intended for advanced computer users. If you are not comfortable with advanced troubleshooting, you might want to ask someone for help or contact GridIron support.

While GridIron fixes this Flow installation error you can fix yourself the “Restarting issue” issue.

1.Fix the Fix GridIron Flow Installer installing for ages

Start “msconfig.exe” (Microsoft’s System Configuration utility) and go to the  “Startup” tab , in the Startup tab you want to only disable the GridIron Flow installer that tries and tries and tries again to fish every time you reboot.  msconfig will ask you to reboot after you have done this change.

Fix GridIron Flow Vista 64x installation error

2. Manually start the FlowAgent software

After you fixed the installer issue you need to manually start the FlowAgent software, which on my Vista 64 system was located in “C:\Program Files (x86)\GridIron Software\Flow\bin\FlowAgent.exe”.  This Agent need to run to allow work with flow.

To start the FlowAgent you can manually start the FlowAgent software or have the FlowAgent starting starting from your “Startup” folder.

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