Normality 3 – light 3D objects and scenes in After Effects

Normality 3 (an After Effects Plugin)

Normality is a  (free for commercial and non-commercial use) After Effects plug-in which allows you to light 3D objects and scenes within Adobe After Effects. Normally is a spinoff of an internal plugin developed used by Studio LampionNormality has been used in projects including the Paraworld and Frontlines: Fuel of War trailers by Pendulum and A Night at the Cathedral.

Normality 3 features:

(All features are supported in 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit (Float) color modes.)

You can download Normality directly from Stefan Minning web site:  Windows or Mac OS X

Stefan Minning the key person behind Normality is a computer graphics artist and software developer and co-founder of Studio Lampion .

Stefan  introduces Normality in his two Video Tutorials:

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