MochaImport explained in 3 Minutes (by Mathias Möhl)

Tuesday, 21 July 2009 Adobe After Effects mocha mocha for After Effects v2 mocha for Final Cut mocha shape for Final Cut mocha-ae plugin 0

Mathias Möhl shows in his 3 Minutes Video Tutorial how you can use the After Effects script MochaImport. Mathias explains also how Red Giants’s Warp plugin. Red Giants’s Warp plugin helps to compensate the perspective distortion which you may have when the track is changing the perspective.

MochaImport features:

  • create corner pin
  • create CC power pin
  • create AE trackpoints from Mocha track
  • stabilize footage
  • move layers according to track
  • create a precomp in which the footage is stabilized while maintaining the movement in the original composition.

You can download  MochaImport.jsx directly from Mathias Möhl web site.


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