CineForm launches CineDDR – Key Features: Economics of Ownership

Friday, 24 July 2009 CineDDR CineForm 0

CineForm launches CineDDR. CineDDR is designed to replace a traditional VTR in broadcast and production

The result of our collaboration with CineForm represents a significant workflow enhancement for the post production market,” said James Brooks, Manager of Development, Drastic Technologies. “Combining our expertise in developing tapeless digital disk recording solutions with CineForm’s innovative compression workflow creates an entirely new opportunity for customers to adopt a streamlined capture/playback solution with the functionality of a professional production VTR and a familiar VTR-style front end for ease of operation and aminimal learning curve.

As a software-based solution, customers can assemble a CineDDR recording/playout system by adding an Intel Core i7-based PC or Mac with RAID storage plus an AJA Xena (Windows) or Kona (Mac) card. The integration cost for dual-link recording and playout for a CineDDR system is less than $10,000, enabling an ownership model instead of a rental model because the integrated price point is approximately 1/10 the cost of purchasing a fully-featured HDCAM SR deck.

As a turnkey solution, customers can easily order and deploy a specifically-designed and optimized ‘bullet proof’ turnkey solution. Benefits include professional system design, performance and maintenance for customers with mission critical content.

Key features of CineDDR software and turnkey solutions include:
• Record into or playback from CineForm’s 10-bit YUV or 12-bit RGB mastering format;
• Timecode-based video capture and playback to/from HD-SDI and component sources;
• 9-pin serial control and VTR emulation supporting IN and OUT for integration into an automated environment;
• Supports VITC, LTC and absolute time code sources;
• Clip metadata maintenance and display;
• Setup tools for up, down and cross conversion for output flexibility

A unique and valuable attribute of CineDDR is its affordable integrated price point for video capture and playback. CineDDR is available to customers immediately as a software solution, as well as a manufacturer built, optimized turnkey system, which will be available for purchase on August 1, 2009.

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