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Augmented Reality coming to your iPhone 3GS

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The upcoming release of iPhone OS 3.1 should included augmented reality feature on your iPhone 3Gs (sorry if you have an older iPhone). With augmented reality you can use the digital compass, GPS and real time data together with the live video camera. Applications like New York Nearest Subway can then combine all this and in the example of New York Nearest Subway show you the direct way to a subway where directions are show “live” on your phone. If you ever did wonder “why do I need a compass”,  now you have an idea.

The next example which is not running on a iPhone 3Gs but gives you some additional use examples on what is possible with Augmented Reality.

We believe that Augmented Reality will become a killer feature on the new iPhone 3Gs and apps with this feature will be widely used. iPhone  Augmented RealityThere are many possibilities with this, just imagine you have a “tourist guide” application instead of a boring 2D maps. With this “tourist guide” app you could hold your iPhone 3Gs towards a street and see interest points in the living cityscape. Another app could be a face recognition if you forget the name of your buddies or business partner 😉

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