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Tuesday, 4 August 2009 Images Photographers Equipment Photos plugin 1

imagesorterImageSorter is an image browsing application, which allows an automatic sorting by color, date taken, name, or size.

Kompetenzzentrum Mensch-Maschine-Kommunikation an der FHTW Berlin describes ImageSorter as ” The idea of ImageSorter is to find images of which you remember how they look but you forgot in which folder they were. If one or several folders are selected, all images from these folders will be visually arranged such that similar images are close to each other. In this sorted display it will be much easier to find a particular image. Selected images can be copied, moved or deleted (right mouse click).
ImageSorterdoes cache thumbnails and sortings, therefore after images have been loaded once, everything will be much faster.

The current version of ImageSorter (4.0 BETA) sorts images by the similarity of their color layouts. Future versions of the program will support additional ordering criteria. All images within a folder are sorted in such a way, that similar images are positioned close to each other. This sorting scheme makes it much easier to find a particular image within a huge image set.

Naturally also ImageSorter does not understand or recognize image content and cannot distinguish between different people or landscapes. However this program does not need a query image and is suited to display large sets of up to some thousands images in a visually well organized way that can easily be navigated.


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