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3D Serpentine from Zaxwerks (an Adobe After Effects plugin)

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3D Serpentine brings big-time 3D effects to Motion Graphics and Video artists. Creating 3D noodles, also called path extrusions, is no longer difficult nor time consuming. Now you can do them live, right inside of Adobe After Effect. If you know how to make a 3D path in After Effects you can create fanciful 3D noodles with the 3D Serpentine plug-in.

Create cool 3D effects like moving film strips (Examples here) , shooting stars, animated marquee signs, swirling tubes, winding helixes, twisting extruded text, arrow pointers and self-tying ribbons.
Zaxwerks has a demo movie for you:  Click Here to watch the 3D Serpentine demo movie

3D Serpentine features

  • Auto-Orient
    Powerful Zaxwerks-only auto-orientation technology insures that the 3D objects look good at all points along the path and don’t suffer from the twists and distortions that most other 3D programs have.
  • Cross Sections
    For instant feedback, basic cross section shapes are included such as stars, rectangles lines and circles; but you can also use AE’s drawing tools to create any cross section you wish, even ones with multiple parts.
  • End Cap Control
    End cap controls give you instant pointed, beveled, rounded or domed ends.
  • Importing Custom Head and Tail Objects
    Head and Tail objects can be imported from Zaxwerks ProAnimator or Invigorator, enabling you to use any 3D object as the beginning or end of the noodle.
  • Materials and Lighting
    Noodles can be colored by an image or movie. They can be rendered in solid, cartoon, wireframe and hidden line styles. Bump and reflection maps can be used to give the objects texture and brilliance. All 3D Serpentine objects respond to the After Effects camera and lighting.

A older Beta video about Zaxwerks 3D Serpentine

According to Zaxwerks 3D Serpentine works in Adobe After Effects on Macintosh ( Host: Adobe After Effects CS3 and CS4, G4/G5 Power Mac or Intel Mac,  Mac OS X 10.3.9, 10.4.11, and 10.5.2 and higher & 512 MB RAM ) and Windows ( Host: Adobe After Effects CS3, and CS4,Pentium 4 or better,Windows XP service pack 2 or Windows Vista & 512 MB RAM)

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