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Thursday, 6 August 2009 Adobe After Effects plugin video tutorial 0

Youveelizer plugin

Jerzego Drozde Jr (aka Maltaannona) released his newest plugin. Youveelizer helps you to apply UV mapping with pixel bender, the plugin supports normal maps as well.  When you apply Youveelizer to a layer with a UV render pass to apply a texture to a rendered 3d object, or to a Normal render pass to add reflections. All 3d objects should be rendered out from 3d Studio Max, Maxon Cinema 4D or other 3d package capable of rendering UV and Normal render passes.

If you wonder about UV Data and what it is all about read more about UV data here.”UV space is a parametric definition of an object’s mapping used in computer graphics. Its main goal is to provide a means of correlating the geometry of an object with other data generated within the program. This can include not only textures and rendering data, but also parameters of the object itself. For surfaces generated from curves, this would, for instance, be valid for the tension and continuity. Another common use is the placement of one object on another’s surface. “(Lutz Albrecht)

More on UV data


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