Apple Again Offers Matte Display Option on aditional (second) MacBook Pro

Tuesday, 11 August 2009 Apple MacBook Pro 3

Apple has released an additional MacBook Pro with a Matte Display.  In the US Apple offers a Matte Display option for additional $50. “MacBook Pro 15-inch Antiglare Widescreen Display [Add $50.00]”

For more information about Antiglare Widescreen Displays and our own findings take a look at our own review :Apple MacBook Pro Glare (Glossy) Vs. Non-Glare (Matte)

We have our MacBook Pro now since a month and we love it. That we selected the Non-Glare (Matte) was the best choice we could make here at StrongMocha.

MacBook Pro side by side outside front


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  1. RiCEADDiCTBOY says:

    Was the matte screen grainy at all? How was viewing video compared to the glossy?

  2. Free Gadget says:

    Love this page, is it updated often? Bookmarked 🙂

  3. macbook pro says:

    Would it be cool to provide some more info on this in the future? Thanks

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