Photography: South-West China by Thorsten Meyer

Saturday, 22 August 2009 china photography photography Photos StrongMocha 0

China 2009 Photographs from Thorsten Meyer

During my latest trip in China (May 2009 I saw a country that was different from what  I did expect. The trip through China was a very pleasant surprised. We have been traveling through south-west China.  When we returned to Munich I did have 7000 photographs and hours of HD film footage.

Photography is a very powerful medium and a difficult craft and you want to share as many photographs as possible. Good news is that reduced the number of 7000 photographs in the last 2 Months down to 37 (40). There will be a second release with landscape and HDRI photographs later. I hope that some of my photographs they tell you a short story, awake feelings or share with you the emotions I experienced when I did take them. You can take a look at my China Photographs on


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