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Procedural did update CityEngine 2010 to it’s latest release 2010.2, the latest version of its city creation software based on unique procedural techniques. CityEngine 201 can be used in 3D city modeling in urban planning, architecture,simulation, game development, and film production. The software is used by companies such as Pixar, Dreamworks, Foster+Partners, Zaha Hadid, Rockstar North, Blizzard, Microsoft, IBM, MIT, Harvard, Stanford and by us here at StrongMocha.

Procedural also introduced CityEngine STUDIO. The new version is suited for small studios in architecture and entertainment which want to realize the full potential of CityEngine or do not qualify for the low-priced CityEngine INDIE.

CityEngine Night City Template

Highlights of CityEngine 2010.2 are interactive editing of dynamic city layouts, node-based rule authoring, and a sketching tool for facades. In addition to that, CityEngine 2010.2 includes advanced block subdivision, modeling of curved streets, new rule operations for instancing and asset search, native Collada® support for assets, export instances with the new FBX® 2011.3, and many more.

Key Highlights of CityEngine 2010.2:

  • Improved GUI for the Node-based Rule Editor (Visual CGA)
  • City Wizard with new night city template (see picture above)
  • Facade Wizard enhancements with new tutorial
  • Support for FBX® 2011.3 and RenderMan® export on 64-bit
  • CityEngine STUDIO introduced

Earlier version of CityEngine 2010 did feature already:

  • Procedural Street Network Construction
  • Import of Street Networks or Lots
  • Scripting 3D Buildings
  • Parametric Modeling of 3D Buildings
  • Map-Controlled City Modeling
  • Batch Export of 3D Models
  • Dynamic City Layouts
  • GIS Data Import
  • Node-based Rule Editor
  • Facade Wizard
  • Support of industry-Standard 3D Formats
  • Python

Not all versions of CityEngine 2010 support the same level of features, some version like INDIE supports less features. To compare the different features that are available in each version of CityEngine contact Procedural or take a look at the details on the Feature Comparison Chart.

Cities that you build in CityEngine 2010 can be exported into your favorite animation program through a variety of export format like Wavefront OBJ, Autodesk FBX, Autodesk 3DS, COLLADA DAE, MentalRay MI,Renderman RIB. The available export format varies by the version of CityEngine. Some versions have less export features then others (Details  can be found on the Feature Comparison Chart).

Picture below shows a CityEngine generated City loaded into Cinema 4D R12.

CityEngine loaded into Cinema4D

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