mocha 3D track importer for AE (License update)

Thursday, 14 June 2012 StrongMocha 0

The newest mocha 3D track importer for AE (plug-in for Adobe After Effects CS4-CS6) now does not require any license to install or launch.  What does this mean? Any After Effects user can install the free plug-in and import camera solved data from mocha v3 products. Owners of mocha AE v3 or mocha Pro v3 can export their 3D Camera Solve data to any After Effects system including CS4-CS5.

How is mocha v3’s Camera Solver different than AE CS6 Camera Tracker?
 Camera Solve module uses Planar Tracking to solve 3D space for select planes. This means mocha can get a camera solve on difficult out of focus, blurred or obscured shots.

Want to learn more? View our product specialist tutorials that explain the methodology and concepts of using Planar Tracking to solve camera motion and track moving objects in 3D space

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