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We approach the release date for videocopilot.net’s new After Effects plug-in Element 3D.

Elements in a nut shell (What do we know so far):

  • Different level of motion blur, 3D falloff and DOF (Depth of Field)
  • Animation Engine
  • Array options
  • 3D Geometry based particles
  • Supports 3D Objects in 2 formats (OBJ and native C4D files)
  • You can apply materials to to your object, you can import your own textures
  • You can light the object
  • Object can reflect a defined surrounding Environment
  • Powerful particle based animation system.
  • Easily Extrude and Bevel Text and Mask shapes
  • Powerful Custom User Interface.
  • Compatible with After Effects CS3 and higher
  • Only static OBJ are supported, however you can animate the object(s) inside Element
  • You need to fake shadows, as shadows are currently not supported because of memory issues
  • Formally Code-named Atom
  •  1GB of video memory recommended
  • Element 3D does not require CUDA
  • Requires an Open GL card, which means that  nvidia or ATI cards are supported.
  • Minimum cards Nvidia Geforce 8800 and newer. ATI 3870 and newer
  • Support includes Geforce Series: 9000, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, Quadro 4000 (4800), 5000




There is are several optional Pro 3D Model Packs for Element 3D which are $99.95 each where there should be bundle pricing available.

The PRO 3D MODEL PACKS we know off are

  • Sports
  • Motion Design
  • Sounds & Music
  • Fresh Food
  • Projectile Weapons
  • Money & Casino

You still can enchance the included object by fracturing them in the the 3D program you use. Just use Cinema 4D, 3D max or the free Blender to fracture geometry

Element 3D Demonstration from Andrew Kramer on Vimeo.

Also take a look at this demonstration video which shows you creative ways to animate 3D objects with the plug-in.

Animating in Element 3D from Andrew Kramer on Vimeo.

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