AtomKraft for Adobe After Effects released

Saturday, 8 September 2012 Adobe After Effects plugin 0

AtomKraft for Adobe After Effects v1.0 has been released by Jupiter Jazz.

AtomKraft is the interactive 3D toolkit for Adobe After Effects. It is the ultimate fixing tool when you are in the compositing stage. AtomKraft works as a replacement for Ae’s builtin renderer.AtomKraft embeds 3Delight, the fast, hybrid REYES/RAYS, offline production render engine.AtomKraft uses DNA Research’s 3Delight, the modern, fast, efficient and production-proof hybrid RAYES/RAYS renderer. It supports assets straight from Cinema 4D, 3dsmax, Maya, Softimage, Houdini or your favorite 3D applications.

AtomKraft/Ae brings to the markets of motion graphics and broadcast VFX a comprehensive and interactive 3D toolkit for look development, matte painting, camera projection mapping, lighting and rendering tightly integrated in the leading motion graphics application Adobe After Effects®.

Available for the CS 5.5 and CS 6 versions of After Effects and on both supported platforms: Windows64 and MacOSX64. AtomKraft is a fully CPU-optimized solution and does not require any GPU hardware.

How does AtomKraft compare to Element 3D: Element is an external application that “passes data to Ae”, AtomKraft is fully integrated in Ae it understands any 3D layer and gets image data from any 2D layer: it is 100% complying Ae’s logic and workflow.

AtomKraft supports you to:

  • Loading of Alembic (ABC) and Wavefront OBJ (animated) geometry assets from your favourite 3D application
  • Camera projections / camera mapping
  • HDRI Image-Based Lighting (IBL)
  • HDRI Image-Based shadowing (ambient/environment occlusion)
  • Fast 3D motion blur and Depth of Field / Bokeh
  • Global Illumination (color bleeding)
  • Sub-pixel displacements, with normal & Vector Displacement Mapping (Mudbox/ZBrush)
  • (Catmull-Clark) Subdivision Surfaces
  • Multiple, per-light, output channels (diffuse, specular, shadow, reflection, normal…)
  • Ray-traced (soft) reflections & ray-traced (soft) shadows

The 3D system of Ae is fully supported, this includes:

  • solid layers
  • text layers
  • shape layers
  • environment layers
  • lights
  • cameras
  • and in general any 3D layer