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I did subscribe and install the new Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) , so far we did use the Master Suite CS6 and LR4. After I did have some smaller issues installing the Applications (downloading it on the release day and getting it installed and running in English) I did copy my plugins for AE, PR and PS and used them without any issues so far. Overall the Adobe CC comes with all the main Adobe desktop applications that are updated. While I thought I could use the iOS Apps I would still have to pay for them if I want to use them. I found that confusing as they are listed as part of Adobe CC to which I subscribe.

When it comes to the subscription model I do not understand why you still could buy LightRoom and not buy PhotoShop. For a Photographer both those applications are the main ones to use. As I use LR, PS, AE and Premiere as my main applications plus some additional Adobe Apps I am almost ok with the subscription, however there have been years where I did not upgrade and skipped a CS version. Also when I stop paying I can fall back to CS6, however I do expect that over time certain files need to be open in CC or a plugin that I use runs only in CC. When would stop paying the subscription fee I have an issues with those project I created in CC.

My 2c on two of the many new features:

Camera Shake Reduction (PS)

I did try the new Camera Shake Reduction on a photo which I hope it could save, however it did not do the trick, on a another photo it helped and saved it.

Cinema 4D integration through Cineware (AE)

We use here Cinema 4D Studio a lot, to me the benefit of the integration between Cinema 4D and AE through Cineware is that I can position the 3D element easier in AE. However still many scenes would require to track the camera through camera tracker. As the render option within Cineware are limited compared to the Cinema Studio Version we run the final rendering might be still happening in Cinema 4D and the result is composed into AE. Of course the depends on the project, if you have to insert text into AE it is a game changer.

According to Adobe the company ended Q2 with 700 thousand paid Creative Cloud subscriptions, an increase of 221 thousand when compared to the number of subscriptions as of the end of Q1 fiscal year 2013. Adoption of Creative Cloud continued to accelerate and we drove strong Adobe Marketing Cloud bookings growth in Q2,” said Mark Garrett, executive vice president and chief financial officer, Adobe.


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