Digital Makeup & Retouching with Mocha and Adobe After Effects (Tutorial)

Thursday, 4 July 2013 StrongMocha 0

You may use as we do mocha Pro (v3.1) and find this usefull.

Mary Poplin covers tips and techniques for digital makeup using mocha’s planar tracking and After Effects.

Topics Include:
Planar Tracking for Beauty Work
Blemish Removal & skin smoothing
Object Remove Module and clean plates
Insert Module with Gridwarp
Blending Clean-Plates with Original Plates
Time saving techniques


About Mocha:

mocha Pro v3.1 
One program that combines powerful Planar Tracking with tools for Roto, Object Removal, Lens Calibration, Stabilization, 3D Camera Solver and more. mocha Pro integrates with all industry-popular applications and is the ideal post production utility for feature films, broadcast, and finishing. Whether solving tracks and match moves, removing unwanted pixels or cutting roto mattes… mocha Pro dramatically saves time.
Planar Tracker – Honored in 2013 with Science & Engineering Academy Award
Lens: Analyze and calibrate lens distortion. Render or export.Remove: Faster than clone & paint. Remove unwanted objects, create clean plates.Roto: Designed for professional roto artists to work more efficiently and share projects.3D Camera Solve: Built on Planar Tracker, a unique alternative to feature tracking.Stabilize with Auto-Fill, Insert with Mesh Warper and more. view tech specs