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ShapeShifter AE V1.5

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Mettle have been busy preparing many new features for ShapeShifter AE 2.0.  There seem to be many new features coming in 2.0, that mettle decided to release all of these features as a free update with 1.5 and still have enough of new feature with the release of 2.0, which may come at a charge.
New features in the 1.5 update:
* Fresnel
* Displacement Map Channels
* Displacement Map Noise
* Additional Reflection Mapping Controls
* Animateable Subdivisions
* New Environment Section (Fog & Mist)
* Blending Modes in Several Sections

New Features In Depth | FreeForm Pro + ShapeShifter AE V1.5 | Kevin Schires from mettle on Vimeo.

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