Navié releases the second generation of their vfx plugin EFFEX and unleashes therefore a novel professional simulation framework for Cinema 4D. Effex 2.0 is a modular, object-oriented framework that offers a variety of effects to be modelled, animated, simulated and rendered.The completely revised interface of the module allows to build more complex setups in faster time than ever before and the whole framework is highly multithreaded using as much CPU power as possible (if possible).
Modular Interface:
Every object of Effex works independently from each other.
Navié places a modular Framework on the market that is unique to Cinema 4D. Color-coded categories enable the user to orient faster in the object manager.

Fluid Dynamics:
The new framework includes physical based fluid dynamics to create smoke, fire, explosions, liquids, highly viscous liquids (up to rigid state), liquid sheets in high end quality.

Dynamic Particle System:
No dynamic framework without particle simulations. The new Particle system does not only work independently from all the other components it offers the user furthermore a dynamic extention of the particle properties. Interactions with the other framework components reveals endless possibilities to create a particle system according to the user‘s ideas.
Different kind of particle file formats complete the package and permits to exchange information with other applications.

Exciting new features:
Effex 2.0 offers an impressive number of new features to generate simulations more realistically.
There are lots of forces, particle properties, constraints, operators and much more to create awesome and individual simulations.
Also the new density based- and anisotropic meshers are highly exciting new features.

The second generation of this plugin includes a variety of presets that make it easy for everyone to start fluid simulations faster and easier. They serve as a perfect framework access point.

Massive Render Support:
The Gas Renderer (participating media shader) was rebuilt from scratch and provides now an even higher quality, improved features and a high degree of alterations.

In addition Effex 2.0 is the first plugin with a connection to the particle renderer Thinkbox Krakatoa. With that connection Navié introduces an industry standard to Cinema 4D. Effex natively supports the Cinema 4D Renderer and VRay. Other renderers can be used for particle rendering too by using one of our supported particle file formats.

NET Render Support:
All simulation data can be cached and rendered with Cinema 4D NET.
An unlimited amount of render nodes is included free of charge.

Personal Learning edition:
With the release of Effex 2.0 Navié releases a free Personal learning edition of Plants & Effex.
This not only allows learning but also we give away the Krakatoa Bridge to the community which does not exhibit the PLE restrictions for any C4D native structures.
In other words, if you use KrakatoaSR to render any C4D native structures (meshes, splines, standard or TP particles..) you can use it unrestrictedly for any commercial work. No limits apply!

Please see our website for more details and downloads: http://www.navié.com (or www.dpit2.de)