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CityEngine 2010.2 Available Now

Procedural did update CityEngine 2010 to it’s latest release 2010.2, the latest version of its city creation software based on unique procedural techniques. CityEngine 201 can be used in 3D city modeling in urban planning, architecture,simulation, game development, and film production. The software is used by companies such as Pixar, Dreamworks, Foster+Partners, Zaha Hadid, Rockstar North, Blizzard, […]

Imageworks (Sony Pictures) release Open Source Program

Imageworks has released 5 projects as open source. The open source software can be freely used by large and small studios around the world. [media id=36 width=700 height=390] Imageworks’ production environment, which is known for its photo-real visual effects, digital character performances, and innovative technologies to facilitate their creation, has incorporated open source solutions, most […]

Six Tutorials On Light And Shade // mental ray for Maya (by Florian Wild)

Florian Wild did post six great Maya and Mental Ray Tutorials. Florian’s tutorial series is intended to be used with mental ray for Autodesk Maya 8.5. Every single of his Tutorial is very helpful. A highlight is really how Florian approaches the series “six-part tutorial series, discussing possibly the most challenging kind of 3D environment: […]

MAXWELL RENDER 1.7 released

Next Limit released MAXWELL RENDER 1.7. Maxwell Render 1.7 offers several new and vastly improved features. If you a customer of Next Limit check your inbox to find the URL to download the update. What is new in MAXWELL Render 1.7 New physical sky system The Physical Sky system in Maxwell Render 1.7 uses an […]

Introduction to Camera Tracking by Rhythm & Hues (updated)

Rhythm & Hues did release a small introduction about camera tracking (using Maya live): The movies are on Rhythm & Hues web site Introduction to camera tracking (1.2 MB) Example to show the need for camera tracking (14.6 MB) Maya live setup (7.3 MB) Initial alignment of the camera (6.0 MB) Fine tuning the alignment […]

Wired Mag: The Software That Will Take Digital F/X to the Next Level of Awesome

I would like to point you to the Wired Mag article “The Software That Will Take Digital F/X to the Next Level of Awesome” that has been published. Written by Michael Behar.

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