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mocha Pro 4, new features and S3D support

Imagineer Systems Rolls Out mocha Pro 4.0, the Industry’s Next Visual Effects Blockbuster mocha Pro 4 Feature Highlights At a Glance mocha’s new Stereoscopic 3D workflow adds unique stereo support to planar tracking, rotoscoping, object removal and 3D camera solving. It also adds the capability to work on uncorrected, native stereo 3D footage. Python scripting support allows facilities to […]

“Creating a Tracked Head Wound” an After Effects video tutorial

Via AE Portal News: In his  latest video tutorial “Creating a Tracked Head Wound” Mathias Mohl teaches you more about tracking and replacement using After Effects, mocha , MochaImport and Red Giant Warp. Mathias Mohl composes a wound on a moving head and use the Mocha tracker in combination with his script MochaImport. Instead of […]

MochaImport explained in 3 Minutes (by Mathias Möhl)

Mathias Möhl shows in his 3 Minutes Video Tutorial how you can use the After Effects script MochaImport. Mathias explains also how Red Giants’s Warp plugin. Red Giants’s Warp plugin helps to compensate the perspective distortion which you may have when the track is changing the perspective. MochaImport features: create corner pin create CC power […]

imagineer systems July Sale

Visit Imagineer’s Store and get 15% off selected  imagineer systems product. This July Sales runs until July,31st 2009. You can get 15% off from nodelocked products like mocha for After Effects, mocha for Final Cut, mocha shape for After Effects and mocha shape for Final Cut plug-ins. The 15% discount is available in the shop, […]

Imagineer introduces mocha shape for Final Cut and updates mocha

Imagineer did introduce mocha shape for Final Cut. To support the launch of mocha shape for Final Cut Imagineer has released updated versions of  mocha,  mocha for After Effects and motor.  “For years, Final Cut editors have asked for better masking tools to perform tasks such as isolated color correction and the blurring of objects,” […]

mocha Tutorial: Horizon Replacement with mocha for After Effects V2

Carl Larsen of Telescope Media shows how to use  mocha for After Effects v2 and mocha shape plug-in for sky replacement and rotoscoping on this challenging effects shot. Horizon replacement and roto tutorial! Find more videos like this on MyToolfarm

vimeo’s Imagineer System’s Channel (mocha, motor, monet and mokey)

If you use one of the  Imagineer Tracking or Roto visual effects products (mocha, motor, monet and mokey) you may want to take a look into the  imagineer vimeo channel Text Animation from Jonathan Lewis on Vimeo. After Effects and Mocha from Rafael Ziah Franco on Vimeo. Video Tutorial: tracking with mocha and After Effects […]

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