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Imageworks (Sony Pictures) release Open Source Program

Imageworks has released 5 projects as open source. The open source software can be freely used by large and small studios around the world. [media id=36 width=700 height=390] Imageworks’ production environment, which is known for its photo-real visual effects, digital character performances, and innovative technologies to facilitate their creation, has incorporated open source solutions, most…
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Monday, 3 August 2009 0

Action Essentials 2 launched (@

Action Essentials 2 is a collection of stock footage elements for your compositing software. It is unmatched for visual effects & motion graphics. You can use Action Essentials 2 with your compositing software like Adobe After Effects CS4, Autodesk Combustion, Autodesk Toxik, Autodesk Inferno and other. FEATURING: 500 Pre-Keyed High Definition Elements Available in 2…
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Saturday, 27 June 2009 2

TCMs 31 Days of Oscar promo (2009 version)

Fresh Paint was ask to make another 31 Days of Oscar promo, topping what they did in 2008. 31 Days of Oscar is a “In Theatre promotion for TCM‘s Oscar block” using a combination of shot elements and 3d. [media id=31 width=700 height=450] Fresh Paint is a design/animation/live-action directing team headed up by Kevin Robinson…
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Monday, 22 June 2009 1

Putin/Bush On The Ritz

Two (well one) lame duck leader and one classic song. This is a well done composition. If you ever wonder why should buy a composting and a rotoscoping package, now you know why. Credits: Directors: Andrey Mudrov, Yaroslav Kemnits (Director of Special Effects) Producer: Dmitry Lesnevsky

Monday, 7 July 2008 0

Wanted coverage: Bending VFX for a Killing Machine

VFXWorld published an interesting article about the VFX (Visual Effects) in the movie Wanted. You can find Wanted: Bending VFX for a Killing Machine on The movie includes more than 800 visual effects shots.The article covers many aspects including the climactic train crash Other coverage: Wanted a new VFX & DFX rich movie (…
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Sunday, 6 July 2008 0

MAXWELL RENDER 1.7 released

Next Limit released MAXWELL RENDER 1.7. Maxwell Render 1.7 offers several new and vastly improved features. If you a customer of Next Limit check your inbox to find the URL to download the update. What is new in MAXWELL Render 1.7 New physical sky system The Physical Sky system in Maxwell Render 1.7 uses an…
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Friday, 20 June 2008 0

3 new After Effects Training DVDs (Advanced Rotoscoping, AE The Next Level and Motion Design)

Creative Cow together with Aharon Rabinowitz, Pete O’Connell and Eran Stern has released three new After Effects Video Tutorials. 1. Advanced Rotoscoping Techniques for Adobe After Effects by Pete O’Connell 2. After Effects: The Next Level, vol, 2: CS 3 Tips and Techniques by Aharon Rabinowitz 3. Motion Design with Adobe After Effects by Eran…
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Wednesday, 18 June 2008 1