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Canon USA issues allergy warning for EOS 650D/Rebel 4Ti/EOS Kiss X6

Canon issued (see below) an warning that if you use a Canon EOS 650D or Rebel 4Ti or EOS Kiss X6 the hand-grips of some produced bodies could cause an  allergic reaction.     Canon’s Product Advisories: The front rubber grips of some units of the Canon EOS REBEL T4i Digital SLR camera (EOS 650D/EOS Kiss X6i overseas models) […]

CityEngine 2010.2 Available Now

Procedural did update CityEngine 2010 to it’s latest release 2010.2, the latest version of its city creation software based on unique procedural techniques. CityEngine 201 can be used in 3D city modeling in urban planning, architecture,simulation, game development, and film production. The software is used by companies such as Pixar, Dreamworks, Foster+Partners, Zaha Hadid, Rockstar North, Blizzard, […]

T-Gen Version 2.0 released

Martin Tomka the key person behind Simartom.com has released T-Gen  2 a tree and plant generator which fully integrated into Softimage XSI.  Many Softimage XSI tools are supported to change materials, geometry or  hierarchy. Almost all parameters of T-Gen can be animated. T-Gen 2 features: New core – On average T-Gen 2 is 3x-4x faster […]

Blur Studio’s best 3ds Max and XSI plugins and tools

BlurBeta Tools (Version 3.01) is available. Blur Studio did include in the tool set a lot of the tools that Blur uses in production, now available for you. Blur Studio has a quick description list for BlurBeta Tools.  Blur Studio worked on Tabula Rasa, MX vs. ATV Untamed,  Transformers: The Game, Empire Earth III,  A […]

XSI 7 ICE Video Tutorial: An Artist Tour #2 — Production Primer (by Bradley Gabe)

Bradley Gabe published a new XSI 7 video tutorial XSI ICE: An Artist Tour part 2 Bradley Gabe breaks down the steps of a production scenario into discreet problems, explaining how each can be solved, and how to find the right nodes for solving. 1) Filter emission using weight map 2) Difference between Random and […]

XSI 7 Video Tutorial: ICE an Artist Tour #1 (from Bradley Gabe)

Bradley Gabe shows some fundamentals of using factory ICE nodes for creating particle effects: 1) Simple emission 2) Add Gravity 3) Randomize particle attributes 4) Add interaction with other scene geometry ICE: An Artist Tour #1 from Bradley Gabe on Vimeo.

XSI 7 Video Tutorial: Vortex Control with ICE (from Bradley Gabe)

Bradley Gabe picks up from the first video tutorial (XSI 7 ICE Video Tutorial: Building a Force from a Curve Video Tutorial) where he created a Curve Flow Force effect. By duplicating and modifying mostly existing nodes from this effect, combines three forces into a vortex force: Enjoy the XSI 7 Video Tutorial: Vortex Control […]

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