Hardware for Creative People


Your new PC

  • Apple iMac
  • Apple MacBook Air

Apple has proven to many people that they deliver great PCs and an easy to use Operating System (OS). If you don’t need to use any specific windows application that can not be replaced by another application which runs on MAC OS I would suggest strongly you look int o a MAC as you new “PC”.

Wacom Intous3
Intuos3 gives you the power to quickly and professionally edit photos and create digital artwork by turning on the full power of Photoshop CS3, XSI, ZBrush and over 100 other leading software applications. Intuos3 tablets now put ExpressKeys and Touch Strips right at your fingertips for convenient keyboard shortcuts, scrolling, zooming, brush size control, and more. And if you’re using a widescreen display or multiple monitors, the new Intuos3 6×11 (below) and 12×19 are designed just for you.

Digital Cameras worth looking into

Digital Movie Cameras worth looking into

Wacom INTUOS3 A5 WIDE Tablet (Grafiktablet)