Oceania choir Virtual Instrument from Performance Samples

Oceania is Jasper Blunk’s first commercial release from his company Performance Samples. Oceania is a 48-person choir (24 women / 24 men) with a focus on syllable cohesion, playability, and energetic, dynamics. It is a choral library that emphasize expression, energy, and are “fun to play” over everything. And in addition it just sounds great.

I personally found this new choir library extremely playable, it shines as I can just play short and long notes without the need to change articulations. On top of this very playable library the choice to play with or without Flatten Dynamics is unique as I know it in the current market.

More information here directly from Performance Samples:


AUDIO IMPERIA’s “Decimator Drums”, produced by Martin Hasseldam, is designed to redefine the sound of ensemble drum kits in modern trailer scores. 

Decimator Drums is split into four sections:

  • Ensemble Drums (Raw and Epic, both with 10 Velocity Layers, 6 Round Robin)
  • Designed Kits (20 Designed Kits)
  • Loops (26 Loops and the individual stems)
  • Extra (109 Atonal FX, 39 Tonal FX, 10 Risers, 6 Arps)
  • 2.19 GB installed

Decimator Drums is available for the introductory price of $119 USD for a limited time (regular $159 USD). You can buy it here with an additional 10% discount (until it last) http://audioimperia.refr.cc/ZMKTTC4

Decimator Drums requires the full version of Kontakt or higher (the patches will not run in the free Kontakt Player)

Realivox Ladies at a special price

Realivox Ladies

In composing virtual instruments that offer good and convincing solo singer are difficult to find. With Realivox Ladies (Affiliate Link) you get your hands on easy to play solo singer. Just use the solo voices relaxed and it sounds better. At the current sale price of $99 it is a very good deal having the good quality you get in mind.

You can use the Realivox Ladies in the spotlight or more as a background singer, the recorded female singer can perform a rather wide range. Cheryl is more airy good for ethereal film cues, Teresa is as a soprano good for opera, Toni is your go to smooth RnB singer, Patty for ethnic songs, or the full range of Julie. Featuring five tonally unique, sample-based, virtual singers, and the ability to combine them into a max 10 women choir get’s you quite far. Articulations cover the usual Oo, Ah, Eh, Ee, Mm, Mee, and many more plus consonants ending with f, l, m, r, s and sh.

The Library has several articulations. The most advanced is the true legato. Realivox uses real legato samples where other libraries are only scripted Legato. True legato sounds more authentic and naturally.

This collection (25,000 samples) of 5 solo singers with full legato can be layer up to 10 voices; you can doubles and triples, or even creating ensembles in their intuitive interface. Always keep in mind that the solo singer can be combined into choirs.

In included Phrase Builder you can easily create complete phrases and assigned the phrases to keyswitch.

The Ladies put solo singers at your fingertips, with surprising ease of use and at $99 during the special price period very affordable. Normally the full version of the Ladies is regularly $399, for a limited time you can buy the Realivox Ladies for $99 until the deal expires.


Evenant courses SALE : Trailer Music Composer, Cinematic Music, Music Production, and Music Licensing

Evenant courses  are on a limited SALE.

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The Aspiring Trailer Music Composer 
This course is a complete introduction to the world of creating music for motion picture advertising campaigns.
It’s a compilation of all the knowledge I’ve gathered after years of working in this industry, both as a composer and as a supervisor of my own publishing company.

Cinematic Music: From Idea To Finished Recording
From Idea To Finished Recording is the beginning composer’s complete guide to composing, orchestrating, recording and mixing orchestral music using modern day tools.
The course will take you through the entire process of writing a memorable track, orchestrating and record it using virtual instruments, before mixing and finally mastering it into a finished audio file.

The Basics Of Modern Music Production 
This course is a complete beginners walkthrough on how to start making great sounding soundtrack music on your computer. The course includes everything you need from getting started, building up and learning all the vital parts of the modern home music studio to learning about fundamental music theory, composing soundtrack music and the fundamentals of mixing and mastering, as well as recommendations for sample libraries and plugins.

The Business Of Music Licensing (Affiliate Link)
The Business Of Music Licensing will take you through everything you need to know to start generating money from your tracks.
From getting to know the industry and taking the first steps, to successfully generating a growing revenue from your music.

I bought for myself The Aspiring Trailer Music Composer, Cinematic Music: From Idea To Finished Recording, and The Business Of Music Licensing and can report that I not only learned a lot in those courses