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CineForm goes CS5 Support (and let CS4 dust)

CineForm customers who plan to use Adobe CS5 products should get improved support with their Prospect HD/4K software. While the CS4 support has a been behind the expected support CineForm does plan to to ship Version 5 CineForm products for CS5 at the time Adobe ships CS5. CineForm may also include new features  in their […]

graphics, design, compositing and post production forum recommendation

Many of you wonder where you could get information about graphics, design, compositing, AF, graphics, Premiere Pro, specific graphic packages or post production topics. CGTalk.com Creative Cow Forum VFXTalk.com 3D Buzz – The Ultimate Resource – Free Tutorials, Training Information, Job Postings, & more DVXuser.com – The Filmmaking Community The Digital Video Information Network Adobe […]

Adobe Lightroom 2.3 And Camera RAW 5.3 Released

An update to Adobe Lightroom 2.3 And Camera RAW 5.3 is now available on Adobe.com. The Lightroom 2.3 update includes several bug fixes like: Additional camera support for the Nikon D3X and Olympus E-30 In the Windows 64-bit version of Lightroom an sFTP upload process could cause Lightroom to crash. Slideshows could return to the […]

Adobe’s Everyday Timesavers on Adobe TV

Adobe’s evangelists plan to post a series of short, to-the-point videos called “Everyday Timesavers.” First time savers are already available: Design – Edit Quicker and Faster in Illustrator CS4 Photography – A Bridge of Savings Photography – GPU Acceleration in PhotoShop CS4 Video – Edit Dialogue Faster then Ever Web – Quickly Transform Photoshop Layouts

Donnie Hoyle returns: You Suck At Photoshop #11: Smart Objects

Donnie Hoyle returns to the real world. We hope this time a much better live without all the sad experiences he has to suffer from. Donnie is a master of Photoshop and his favorite quote is “You don’t even deserve to be watching this.” The Award Winning Video Tutorials “You Suck At Photoshop” continue. This […]

Vectortuts Launched!

VECTORTUTS is a blog/tutorial site for people who use vector editing programs such as Adobe’s Illustrator. Vectortuts has been launched by the same team who does such an wonderful job on releasing new Photoshop Tutorials on PSDTUTS. It is the sister site of PSDTUTS and NETTUTS.

Get creative with After Effects (Adobe NAB 2008) Steve Holmes

Creative director Steve Holmes (Energi Design) shows you in this video tutorial how using PhotoShop CS3 vanishing points,Vanishing Point exchange and still images you could compose a clip or short movie. The clip is from NAB 2008 and I saw it before, but talking to someone I figured that this little gem and more which […]

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